About us

FWBords is the company specialized in production of finished wood boards from different types of wood.

Company is located in Northern Europe and its wooden recourses are widely available through the area and neighboring countries. (Belarus, Russia).

The origin of the Company started as traders in this business field some years ago.

During 2017, 1Q, the new production facilities was established for being capable to supply our clients with controlled quality and guaranteed lead times products.

Our core business is production and trade of finished wooden boards products for local and export market.

We offer multiple wood materials like:

  • Wood construction materials (Spruce/Pine)
  • Terrace boards (Spruce/Pine/Larch)
  • Cladding boards (Spruce/Pine/Larch)
  • Fencing boards (Spruce/Pine)
  • Scaffold boards (Spruce)
  • Lathing boards (Spruce/Pine)